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On the 10th of April, we had our own MAD SCIENTIST (Brenda Best) who was not really so angry but showed us and the many children on the sitting in front of her on the alter rail, how a life filled with the spirit and forgiveness is the way to go…

Team teaching for each class and folks using their gifts and graces in small ways:

“Many hands make light work”

is when my Moma always said…

We have many and can use some more of each of the following:

Technical helpers:  One Sunday a month ( or two is ok as you choose)

Music helpers who play or lead by video if you don’t play an instrument…   but love to help children sing and worship.

Guest facilitator/leaders/teachers who do a single day or a few lessons in a row of a series with no further commitment, don’t have to run the class, just show up to help for a specific lesson, but a consistent person is in charge of the class day by day.

Consistent Class Team Leaders 3 to 4 per class minimum.  To start the class gets to know them all if they don’t already know them well.  Then as guest facilitator, teachers come in to share, at least one of the consistent persons will always be present to run the class and help with day to day details.  This makes it easy for the guest, and also easy for the class leaders as they share the privilege of mentoring and teaching/facilitating learning.

Eventually we hope we have to add more people and ways folks can do ministry in small bites for big results.

When ministry is not about me, but about being part of a team of folks who want to serve together and love doing it, the fruits can be big and tasty for all.  The workers may be the most blessed as they work together.   It is not a burden, it is a privilege.

Please call the Pastor to talk about how you can do a small thing to make a big difference when we add your small thing to many others…   No pressure, just people doing a little each.   Sometimes we don’t even do it that well, and we learn what didn’t work…  and that is ok too.   We tried which is more than if we didn’t.  And next time we do better, and the next even better….

Good better, best,

never let them rest,

till your good becomes better

and your better, best!



Two New Songs from First Friday

“Easter Hallelujah” and “I’ll See You Again”

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Image result for more inputThere been some interest expressed about having an additional early morning Sunday service during the Summer months. We would like your input to see if there is sufficient interest in this possibility. Give your comments to Pastor Brad, Kay Atkinson, or members of the Worship Committee.


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