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Today more and more communities are struggling with the word “Christmas.” Where mangers once stood and carols were sung, Christ is continuing to be dropped in favor of “holiday” celebrations. Join our children as they share the ultimate truth– a Christmas without Jesus is like giving a present with no gift inside.


carolingPlease Join the UMC children as they present this  Christmas musical.   Sunday, December 18th   6:30 pm





Practice for Children’s Christmas program as follows:

Next Monday, 12/12/16  at 6pm

Thursday, 12/15/16  at 6pm
(no 12/14/16 on Wednesday – there is a band concert).
Last practice Saturday, 12/17/16  9am – 12pm.


Please go to the WCA web site and investigate…

Does this group of United Methodist Church Members and Pastors speak a message that is similar to your thoughts, ideas, understanding of what Scripture teaches?




We Remember September 11  the sacrifice of many…

please watch this video “A Pilot’s Story”

Life Obejective

To Seek Trust and Glorify God

Through humble service and

Continual Prayer.  To Raise

Up Qualified Disciples As

Quickly as possible.  So That

One Day I Might Hear,

God Say, Well-Done My

Good And Faithful Servant!




August and September are Bible Character of the Week Series:  preacher at pulpit

We started with the first Character: Abraham then looked at Joshua,  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are next then Noah

If you have a special Character you would like to suggests, we have a few Sundays not filled that we can look at a Character of your choosing also. Who do you want to hear about?


An understanding of God’s view…  by Caitlin Burton, click the link below for a rough video, text will be here soon, please check back with us.


the text of Caitlin’s reading:   In her own writing:Catlins Reading july 9 2016 001Catlins Reading july 9 2016 002


 We regret to inform you of the passing of Sue Tyner
Late Sunday afternoon.  July 10, 2016.

She said she was ready as she had her faith in Christ her Savior.  She had lived a good life and though the folks at Harbor View treated her with such good care and she was happy, with them, with friends and family she was with often,  she was still suffering from her illness and just breathing each breath, and was welcoming the time when  and the family was with her heavenly Father would welcome her to a new home where there would be no such suffering.

Graveside Service Tomarrow Tuesday at 2pm
Gethsemane Memorial Park
Hwy 24 and McCabe Rd Newport.
JR Tyner’s Address
451 Bayview Rd.
Harkers Island, NC 28531
Daughter and Grandson “Luke” address:
Patricia and Haywood Quinn
187 South Country Club Dr.
Keenensville, NC 28349


Graduation is being celebrated in many place by many people…  We join with you also…

When ministry is not about me, but about being part of a team of folks who want to serve together and love doing it, the fruits can be big and tasty for all.  The workers may be the most blessed as they work together.   It is not a burden, it is a privilege.

Please call the Pastor to talk about how you can do a small thing to make a big difference when we add your small thing to many others…

Good better, best,
never let them rest,
till your good becomes better
and your better, best!


Two New Songs from First Friday

“Easter Hallelujah” and “I’ll See You Again”

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