More about Children and Youth Sunday School Classes


All classes, meet at 9:30am for snacks together in fellowship hall then go to individual classrooms by 9:45am.

Parents be sure to be present to pick up kids by 10:40 to 10:45 at very latest.  You must come inside, no children released to go outside on their own, unless they came to SS completely on their own.

Sunday School for Children at HIUMC for all ages…

IMG_0651It is for those who are here

it is for those who are going to be here!

It is for whomever God sends our way.


They are worth it and so are you!

One of the greatest blessings you will ever have is to be part of something bigger than yourself and bigger than you could do alone.  This is what is about to take place at HIUMC in the Sunday School department.

How are children and horses kind of the same?

We can’t bring the horse (or children) from the barn to the trough where Jesus wants them to drink. Parents or those responsible for the horse are the ones who bring or send them.

We don’t write the Bible stories or songs or produce the videos or other teaching tools that the Holy Spirit uses as Water to nourish and quench spiritual thirst. Though we can and have made sure we have lots of those spiritual resources available to go into the trough when needed.

And we can provide a safe stable and clean trough to drink from and adults to assist in leading the horses (darling children and youth) there in case they are willing to eat and drink of this nurturing spiritual healthy food and of Jesus and His teachings which we will share in Sunday School through lesson, song and prayers and every means that is palatable to our children and youth.  Yes you can and yes we can make ourselves available!

Christians who see value in Sunday School and Children’s Church , those of you who have a burden and desire to see the children taught and encouraged and learning the basic bible… Stories songs and teachings and have conversations with them about how all this intersects with their lives todays…  are the only folks I am talking to now. You don’t have to take full responsibility but you can consider working with me and others to help once in a while, maybe once a month  for some or even less, to make yourself available.

For some others, more often but only to be present as your main duty in a role called

“A Consistent Presence Person” To be a consistent presence for a class, your # 1 job is to be present and just be genuine you.  Do a few small things consistently each week that don’t need preparation, just routine, and be there for the kids or youth.

We will make our goal to follow “Safe Sanctuary” practices and parents are always welcome to drop in, observe or participate in anything we do anytime.   Workers will always work in teams of two or more, or with an open door or glass window in the door etc..

Though we will have rules, and plans for how it all works, grace and love for one another’s best interest is our first rule of the day toward one another.  Mix in a little accountability and we can make sure it stays as good as it looks.  It is all about serving Him, serving our children and one another.  What a blessing it is to be part of a team of folks on fire for Jesus, serving together!  Think positive, look forward and lets make what it seems to be what God is doing happen as He leads us in this way!