Myrtle Beach Spring Retreat


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Myrtle Beach  Spring Retreat

This spring we will be going back to Myrtle Beach for our church family retreat that has been such a blessing in past years.  We do off season rates in nice condos, and then do our morning meeting at the home of Glenn and Sheri Lowe.


This Spring the book we will be looking at is by John Maxwell, titled: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn.


To start: Here is a note from John Maxwell  “For many years, I had the opportunity of meeting regularly with former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden. I’d spend a day preparing to meet with him, deciding what questions I would ask. I was very conscious of how rare a privilege it was to learn from a mentor such as him. Coach was always so kind and thoughtful. The last time I met with him, he asked me what I was working on. I had just finished the outline for Sometimes Ysometimes you winou Win— Sometimes You Learn, and I was very excited about it. I took the pages from my briefcase and showed them to him, detailing the thesis and what had prompted me to write it.


“What a tremendous idea. You can help people with this,” said Coach. Then he really surprised me. He asked, “Can I write the foreword for it?” What an honor! Of course I said yes.


Coach wrote the foreword as promised, and a few months later he died. I was very humbled, realizing that this was one of the last things he probably wrote.”      ==================


(BW speaking now) None of us have lived long before we learned we don’t win at every game or in every situation.  We don’t always get our way and life is sometimes hard and even disappointing.  What John Maxwell does in this book and what we will learn from one another at our retreat, is how we can in an attitude of learning from our non-wins, be even better off or better equipped to handle the next thing life sends our way.


The format of our retreat  is always    fun and paced in a way that relationship building and enjoying the location,   food and journey is as important as   any specific study we are doing,    maybe  more important!  


We don’t read the whole book over the weekend, rather we divide into groups of 3 to 4 and read just one chapter together as a smaller group.  Next we discuss it, summarize it, create an artistic expression and a song and or skit based on something within that chapter, and present our summary and artistic expressions to the rest of the folks.   What happens is we all get a sense of what the teaching was in that chapter even though we didn’t read it.


You can of course go back and read it for yourself if you choose because we send the book home with each family that attends.   Yes we learn from the book, but we also learn from one another.   If you haven’t been on one of our Myrtle Beach Retreats, please know you will have fun and come back with new appreciation of some folks you may afterwards call friends.


Summary of details: Early & weekend only folks.

Early folks & Bus: Thurs. March 10 depart 10am

Weekend folks: arrive 11th, Friday night 7:30pm

or any time before as you can.  We do Church in Myrtle Beach. Depart for home after Lunch Sunday. Cost per person: $75 lodging  $25 gas if you don’t drive yourself. Pay your own when we eat out. Reserve spot  by paying lodging cost $75.  This cost is refundable if it doesn’t come out of someone else’s pocket. (For example: If we find someone to take your place who didn’t think they were going to be able to come.    Contact Brad W.  252-675-8891 info or sign up. Checks to HIUMC  $75/per