Sunday Night Home Study and Discussion Group

We are presently studying together the book called: “No Perfect People Allowed”  A Come As You Are, (but don’t necessarily stay that way) mind set.   Just ask and we will be happy to give you a copy of the book, even if you don’t come to group, it will be a blessing to you to see how the body of Christ and the world around us looks from this perspective.

The Group moves from home to home and welcome anyone to join us anytime.  We have folks of all ages and you don’t need to have been present in the past or have to know you will be able to be present to the end of the book to join us.  Each time we meet it is a blessing all on its own.


Click here for link to a shared schedule that lets you know exactly where we are meeting on specific nights and helps us keep up with what page we leave off on and will pick up with next time we meet.

You do not need to read in advance, because we do all our readng during our group meeting time, in fact we don’t want you to discuss anything about the book ahead of where we have read so you don’t tell something others have not gotten to yet.

Just relax and enjoy a casual Sunday night together with friends, a little food and music and prayers and fun together, and yes we do some study too.