Sunday Schools

Crusaders Class (Adults)

Meet in West side from F.H. across from Pastor’s office.  Traditional Sunday School David Cook Sunday School Lesson

Followers of Christ (Adults)

Meets in the Library, in the room east side of the church and near the sanctuary.  Book or Video based half our time with content of Bible or Book or Video etc. other half we work toward “Discussion” style interaction to see where the material intersects with our lives and the scripture.  “Doing Life Together” is a common motto we use.

More current info on Followers of Christ Class

Youth Class  6th Grade through High School.

Meets in the Middle classroom next to the kitchen.  Uses youth based Biblical focused youth video and bible teaching.  We are not perfect but growing and learning to be who God has made us to be and accepting the grace and forgiveness He has given us in the process, as well as learning to give grace and love to others also.

2nd Grade to 5th Grade Class

Meets in the middle classroom on the West side of the F.H.  Perfect age appropriate Video and other biblical based lessons.  With some of our teachers being very experienced full time elementary teachers we are so thankful they have many skill and tools to use with our kids and to teach our other helpers too.

Pre-school to 1st Grade Class

Meet in the Nursery room, on the West side of the F.H. near the back door side.  Using a variety of teaching tools from Bible story books and teaching tools, videos and whatever our experienced teachers pull out of their teacher tool box.    We also have older senior adults who will be coming in to read the Bible or Bible stories, or tell bible stories to the children and pray with them for short periods of time.