Test Video learning new video creation page just silly for good learning-real ministry use soon

This Ducky and Snitzel video story created with Adobe Spark, less than 30 minutes time to shoot, edit and present on web, facebook, twitter.  Tried to insert to play from Microsoft 2010 PowerPoint slide.  That was the only bad playback in this trial.  Notice there are two versions of same video on this page.  The second one is a better embeded player from youtube.  This first one is an html ebed direct from Adobe Spark, the second I uploaded the adobe spark first to the Youtube channel and then copied the youtube inbed html to this page on the web as text and it works better because the youtube video player is better.

The html code was pasted above, but had to reduce the size of the player 300 pixels hight and width in the html section.

This below is the same video, but loaded on Youtube first and then the player and video inserted here using a copy of the html.


This below is a test of file created with iphone apple “Clips” app .

Here is the Clips file that was imported to Youtube and now inserted here as a you tube embed code:



Also trying another way: The mov file was saved to my laptop then with wordpress inserted in this page as media.  When inserted this way it doesn’t play within the wordpress web site, but downloads to your computer, and when you open the download, whatever default   .mov player you have plays the video fine.    We need to sort out how to get it to play within the web window without using other software.  I will work on that…BW


This version of video produced with adobe spark then loaded to youtube and the youtube url was pasted in this page turned out the same a embed of html code through text function.  All that means is that you can skip a couple steps by just doing a cut and paste of the URL from youtube and paste it into the page when in edit mode and it is easy.




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