WordPress “How To”

Note, some of these “How To” pages may be password protected because passwords or email addresses that post to the web are shown.  No problem for any HIUMC member to get the password.  This is just to prevent a spam or jokester from messing with our web site.  Just ask and we will give you the login password and we are thankful you want to help post content.


Welcome to the “How To” page.

Please let me know what you want to know how to do  and I may can do a quick video instruction so you have it to go back to or share with others also.

When watching, (I suggest)

Make the screen full size by clicking bottom left of youtube screen.

Watch video all the way through one time, then go back and start and pause the video as you do each step yourself.  You open a separate browser and then toggle back and forth between the two screens, one you are watching, the other doing it yourself one step at a time.    Later when you really need to do what is on the video, you can just rewatch the video pausing at each step.  So you don’t even have to remember all those steps.  Easy Pezy right!


  1.   ( 6 min.) How to login to the Administrative page on a wordpress site to edit the website:

2.   ( 9 min.) How to add a new user to be able to edit the word press site

3.  ( 30 min. ) How to add or edit a post from the Administrative section of the HIUMC web site.

4.  ( 15 min.) How to create a post and publish it now or have word press automatically post your series a day after each other or anytime you choose as a date and time.


5. (2 min.) How to add Media…   (longer version below this one)


6.  (10 minutes) How to add Media to the Media Library or to a specific post or page.


7.  (7 min) How to add a picture using widgets to the side bars.


8 & 9   (Short version 10 min.  Long step by step 54 min.) Both  are password protected so on another page:  Click here to go to that page and if you don’t have password, contact the pastor or Paula, Dale, Gene or Judy to get it.   Go there now…

10.  A PDF slide show rather than a video 1-3 minutes to read.  Consider trying it out step by step:   How to edit a post and change the date a post appears, or set up a series to post one each day or as you choose the time and date for each post to appear.  Click Here to open the PDF Slide Show  —-> How to edit post and change posting date or schedule dates



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